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About Matriya Dewi

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A second generation dancer, Matriya Dewi started bellydancing with Isis and the Star Dancers of Bedford, Texas in January of 2002. Since then, she has discovered a strong passion for the dance and culture and has performed in many local events, festivals, and competitions.

Matriya has attended workshops from many acclaimed dancers such as Aziza, Raqia Hassan, Jillina, Mahmoud Reda, Rachel Brice, John Compton, Zoe Jakes, Virginia, Amir Thaleb, Artemis Mourat, Kaeshi, Amy Sigil, Suhaila Salimpour, Bozenka, Issam Houshan, Fahtiem, Petite Jamilla, Princess Farhana, Sashi, Moria Chappell, Souhail Kaspar, Sahra Saeeda, Leyla Jouvana and Roland, Angelika Nemeth, Aladin El Kholy, Neena and Veena, and Mia Sha'uri.

It is Matriya's goal to always keep learning and perfecting her knowledge of Middle Eastern dance and to share her love for the art form in performances as well as teach to anyone who desires to learn.

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Award-Winning Dancer

In 2013, Matriya Dewi won a scholarship to attend Bozenka's Mediterranean Dance Lab in Crete, Greece. She has also won multiple awards as a part of Isis' Academy Performing Companies including winning first place in the 2006 and 2007 Choreography Project for Middle Eastern Dance Troupe Competitions in Austin TX, the Yaa Halla Y'all 2009 duet and troupe competitions in Grapevine TX, and the Yaa Halla Y'all 2010 trio competition. She has performed solo and won second place in the 2007 and 2009 Richland High School Talent Shows, and first place in the 2009 Drew University Talent Show. Her most recent win is as Yellow Rose of Texas Competition at Yaa Hall Y'all Rising Star category.

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An excerpt from Matriya's article from The Belly Dance Chronicles Magazine

From "Ten Days in Crete - A Lifetime of Lessons" in Volume 12, Issue 3 of The Belly Dance Chronicles Magazine.

"In September of 2013, I spent ten wonderful days in Crete at Bozenka’s Mediterranean Dance Lab. It was an inspiring and life-changing adventure that I can only describe as a dream come true...Just imagine how I felt on the night of my college graduation last May when my family took me out to dinner at a famous Italian restaurant in Times Square in New York City. There was an envelope on the table with Bozenka’s announcement that I had won the SMART Scholarship to attend her Mediterranean Dance Lab in Crete the following September! I cried my eyes out in my plate of spaghetti. Someone had nominated me for her scholarship that I knew nothing about! I had always dreamed of someday being able to travel and attend bellydance intensives to study with my dance idols, so when I found out that I had received a scholarship to attend Bozenka’s Mediterranean Dance Lab, my heart soared with excitement and gratitude.

Growing up, I had always felt a bit invisible: a quiet, small-town girl from humble beginnings in Texas who had never traveled outside the country before, now how could I be this lucky? Ever since I began taking classes with Isis at her Academy of Performing Arts in Bedford, Texas when I was 11, bellydance had become my greatest love. Being extremely shy growing up, this dance form enabled me to express myself in ways I could not in my “regular life.” Bellydance soon became more than just an after-school activity when I eventually began performing in haflas, community events, and the local renaissance fair. Little did I know it would lead to studying and performing with Bozenka in Crete... Because this was my first trip outside of the country, I was surprised and excited to learn that Bozenka planned that our intensive dance lab work would be balanced with equal playtime all over Crete! The day after going over the goals of the intensive and plans for our show, we went on a boat outing and relaxed on the beach. We got to know each other as we lounged in the sun and experienced the cold and clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. We had packed swimsuits and were glad to dig our toes in the sand, especially me as I live in North Texas and rarely get to any beach!

That afternoon, I was surprised when Bozenka allowed me to invite the group for a Reiki I Ceremony. It was also the first time I had practiced away from home and from my mother who taught me Reiki even before I started studying bellydance. As a beginning Reiki Master, it deeply touched my heart to be able to walk to a lovely riverbank through a forest to share a Reiki ceremony with these beautiful new friends. We all felt so peaceful afterwards as we started back to our lodgings..."

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Currently, Matriya Dewi is presenting a workshop with her mother, Hannah Setu called "Healthy Dancer for Life!" This program teaches dancers an easy and simple lifestyle plan for vibrant health, lifelong dynamic performance and joy in dance without injury as well as encourage the natural and authentic unfoldment of a dancer’s true wisdom. For more information, visit the Reiki, Self-Care and the Wise Dancer Facebook page

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